Creating the stories (images) that are worthy of celebration and those that you need to shout about!!


Getting this right improves your employees sense of belonging to a great company, your customer's identification with your success and it builds business confidence rapidly. These relate to your core purpose and vision and perhaps something about your social responsibility as a business.

One of the poorest areas of investment in the business generation process is often in the lack of great, authentic content that is really impactful, meaningful and relevant. Sales messages and practices that could be exciting, alive and really meaningful are converted to poorly performing slide decks and demos which are bland 'corporate-speak'.


By partnering with 'Inky Thinking' we develop the creative visuals and stories which deliver real impact.

We take time to create Value Propositions, develop your business model, which are then backed up with powerful messages that present your readers with a compelling desire to engage. We always use graphics to tell a great story as we believe that great design makes you stand out from the crowd. We make what you do come alive!

Your success is dependant on your ability to create a human emotional connection with your audience. 

It is a well researched fact that up to 60%+ of most branding collateral is more 'clutter' than clear, truthful and compelling messages.

 Most of the websites we visit generally talk about themselves, what they do, and may be how they are different - leaving it up to the reader to work out if it is relevant to them or not. You can be better than this. In a digital multi-channel world your consistency across all channels and the frequency of communication is a critical success factor - but without a clear powerful message - you cannot fulfil your potential.