Consulting and implementation

Our directors and partners bring decades of experience and have all been in c-level roles themselves. We take up advisory, coaching and interim assignments to suit each individual client. Everyone of our assignments are built to respect your budget and the priorities of your business. During our assignments we are known to call-out anything that is needed, talk about 'elephants', internal politics, financial and other practices that are crippling any part of your business. We bring practical and extremely good industry networks of partner organisations as well as clients that we work with which can be of immediate value.

While we could put down a list of all our services....we would rather meet you, listen to bring the right kind of expertise that you need, even if it is initially just advise on the options you have in your current situation.

We sell, market, fix operational and financial issues and have HR skills to bring quickly to bear on what needs doing. We are all steeped in technology, business applications, management and business practice and bring board level input to teams that may need some external intervention. We prefer assignments where we coach and bring transformation together with the management team working to co-create compelling and innovative strategies.

We have a kit bag of really exciting products through our partners (see Our Partners) that we offer appropriately to each client taking out your risks in the adoption of new technology during your digital transformation.